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Bullying Prevention

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Parent and Family Support

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Research and Evaluation

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School Safety

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Social and Emotional Learning

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Webinars and E-Learning

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Youth Development

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(717) 763-1661
Contrell Armor

PSAYDN Director

Phone ext. 218
Jennifer Bornman

SWAN Technical Specialist

(717) 558-1231
Rachel Breneman

CSC Project Specialist

Phone ext. 103
Alexia Brown

Family Support Technical Assistance Coordinator

Phone ext. 146
Parke Brown

Youth Development Coordinator

Phone ext. 187
Matthew Butensky

Youth Development Project Manager

Phone ext. 171
Rob Carmo

Statewide Network and Information Technology Project Manager

Phone ext. 124
Ben Cohen

Director of Evaluation

Phone ext. 159
Stephanie Colvin-Roy

Lead ICPS International Trainer, Training and Organizational Development Associate

Phone ext. 209
Meghan Dale

Statewide Multilingual Education Program Project Lead

Phone ext. 121
Jennifer Esposito

Family Support Data Coordinator

Phone ext. 161
Christine Felicetti

Family Support Coordinator

Phone ext. 104
Nichole Fisher

Youth Development Coordinator

Phone ext. 107
Leah Galkowski

Safe Schools Coordinator

Phone ext. 152
Dana Graupensperger

Administrative Support Manager and Human Resources Liaison

Phone ext. 114
Michelle Hill

PEBT Specialist

Phone ext. 144
Beth Hoffer

Youth Development Coordinator

Phone ext. 101
Michelle Kern

Safe Schools Coordinator

Phone ext. 168
Lyndsay Kirschmann

PEBT Specialist

Phone ext. 138
Rijelle Kraft

Family Support Managing Coordinator

Phone ext. 221
Miriam Krause

Out-of-School-Time Professional Learning and Instruction Coordinator

Phone ext. 151
Katherine Kuhn

Project Specialist

Phone ext. 205
Karen Lehman

Youth Development Program Manager

Phone ext. 166
Lynette Lemke

SWAN Technical Specialist

(717) 909-7504
Julia Mallory

Family Support Project Specialist

Phone ext. 169
David Marshall

Contract, Grant and Operations Manager

Phone ext. 113
Joey Melvin

Safe Schools Director

Phone ext. 105
Hannah Moody

Administrative Assistant

Phone ext. 128
Sandy Odenwalt

Migrant Education Data Analyst
Shileste Overton Morris


Phone ext. 169
Michael Pesare

Digital Learning Coordinator

Phone ext. 201
Jose Reyes-Lua

Statewide Migrant Education Recruitment Coordinator

Phone ext. 129
Danielle Roland

PEBT Specialist

Phone ext. 138
Laura Saccente

Strategic Initiatives Director

Phone ext. 210
Regina Salvador

CSC Events Coordinator

Phone ext. 164
Jan Scherer

SWAN Helpline Lead Coordinator

(717) 558-1233
Matt Seiberlich-Hess

Web Architect and Application Development Coordinator

Phone ext. 109
Karen Shanoski

Family Support and Community Engagement Director

Phone ext. 139
Alison Shughart

PSAYDN Coordinator

Phone ext. 108
Sherri Smith

Design and Communications Coordinator

Phone ext. 213
Rob Spraker

Web Development Specialist

Phone ext. 173
Rich Staub

Computer Technology and Network Coordinator

Phone ext. 123
Jayme Stryker

SWAN Technical Specialist

Kelly Swanson

Communications Manager

Phone ext. 117
Kimberly Taylor Carmo

Executive Assistant

Phone ext. 169
Taylor Teichman

Youth Development Coordinator

Phone ext. 156
Stephanie Thorn

Communications Specialist

Phone ext. 196
Christina Tinoco

MEP Specialist

Phone ext. 158
Melissa Turnpaugh

Youth Development Coordinator

Phone ext. 120
Inés Vega

Statewide Migrant Education Parent Involvement and Special Projects Coordinator

Phone ext. 160
Missy Wellington

PEBT Managing Coordinator
Mallory Weymer

Grants, Development and Research Coordinator

570-523-1155 ext. 2380